Lock Down & Depression

Well we all been in the situation now for 12 months

Lot of people felt cut of with society , so its not been easy for them. Not only that some have been very fearful for themselves with this covid virus or for there loved ones and this has caused anxiety.

So now we getting to the point from April to June 2021 we will

be go out and about. This is great news but for some will find it very difficult to re enter society , this is very probable that they never suffered with anxiety before , so if you anyone like this keep eye on them they are fitting back in ok bus this is a illness that is not visual.

But i'm sure we all get there eventually with each others help and guidance.

Life is not easy and probably never will be , but bit by bit we will move forward with help from friends , family , spiritual preachers and maybe tarot readers.

Hopefully some of the above place will help in some kind of way , if there something else you looking for then give me call I will help you find the contact details gladly.

Just call me on 07583846626 or text me.

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