Why is partner cold with emotions

Is your part cold with emotions , well if he the tarot card King of coins , maybe he is

The thing is some men are cold with there emotions because of some kind of emotion distress in there past.

This is where you need to nurture them to get them to open up with there issues. But this takes time effort and patience. Trust on length time this is like how long is a piece of string so to speak.

Then some men are naturally cold with there emotions.

Now this where you just have to except them for who they are. You

also have stop judging them on your past let downs emotionally.

Life is a journey and its all about learning how to connect and change as we move forward.

So now if you need guidance to which one your partner is or how to deal with it they maybe you need a psychic tarot reading to help focus your actions.

A phone tarot reading with Peter Dykes Clairvoyant could be the answer to all your questions.

These readings start from £21.00 for 20 mins

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