Blue sandstone chip Bracelet


Beautifull crystal chips of blue sanstone , let the light catch the stone and see the crystal sparkle of sandstone.





The healing properties of Blue Sandstone are related to these Intentions: 

Communication and Clarity; Strength, Courage and Confidence; Removing Fear, Insecurity and Worry; Focus, Willpower and Motivation

Blue Sandstone (also known as Blue Goldstone) symbolizes enterprise, success, victory, and glory, which enhance one's leadership and entrepreneurial skills. It is an excellent stone to meditate with before giving a speech or starting a new project. It is also very good at calming the senses and cleansing the chakras on all levels. Blue Sandstone bridges the gap between the earthly and spirit realms, so it is a great stone to use for contacting spirit guides or performing holistic healing. Blue Sandstone resembles the brilliant stars that shine in the dark blue sky, which bring about courage, confidence and willpower and boost vitality and energy.

When you pick up a Blue Sandstone, you will instantly be reminded of the glimmering stars in a dark night sky. It will make you ponder about the secrets of the universe and inspire you to discover the hidden potential within yourself. Instead of looking at the stars and day dreaming, Blue Sandstone will inspire you to be the Star of your life, take charge, and own-up to your true destiny. 

Have a business idea you've kicked around for years but don't have to courage to leave your purposeless 9-5 job? Feeling stuck in a dead-end, on-and-off-again relationship for years? Wondering why you keep running back to your ex for the fifth time even when you know he/she isn't going to change? Always yo-yoing from one diet to another and never sticking to one thing for long enough to see results? If you're wanting more motivation, confidence, or willpower to embark on a new chapter in your life, let Blue Sandstone be the fuel to your fire by wearing this pendant necklace daily. 


Blue Sandstone is associated with two chakras: Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

Aligning these two chakras will emotionally and mentally strengthen your core. Put an end to endlessly waiting on dim sparks of inspiration and summon creativity at your own will! It will allow you to speak your truth and help you communicate physically as well as telepathically with the angelic realm. When this happens, answers to your deepest questions will come to you in forms of a thought or idea that you’ve never had before. This is your guardian angel communicating with you and guiding you.

Blue Goldstone, with its chakra healing powers, will have you feeling a rush of tranquility and clarity, for it is incredibly soothing. On top of that, Blue Goldstone will plant confidence and ambition in you that you might have been feeling a lack of. 

Also Good for the heart emotionally.



Blue Sandstone chip bracelet