Stunning Eight Planets solar system bracelet. Amazing design and quality.
Natural crystal healing stones make you feel calm and relaxed.
Black Lava stones bring intense inner peace while calming emotions.
Amazing feeling to have all the planets around your wrist

Adjustable Pull Cord
Various Bead Size
Solar Planets With Stars and Lava Beads
Size: Adjustable Length From:6.7-10.6"

The bracelet is made of 4-10 mm beads.

MERCURY - white jade
VENUS - gold foil bead
EARTH - blue emperor stone
MOON - opal
MARS - red Agate
JUPITER - tiger eye stone
SATURN - yellow agate
URANUS - aquamarine
NEPTUNE - lapis lazuli
UNIVERSE - blue sandstone


Lovers Planets Bracelet on a cord tie