My Name Is Peter Dykes Clairvoyant


When will I have a baby

Book a tarot reading

Get a insight to when you will have a baby , any problems stopping you or relating to delayed conception. 


These readings are recorded on video

Uploaded to streaming service.

But they are on private link which makes them totally private.

So without the private link you will never see or find the video.


You are not in the reading but i focus on your questions or life and then i send it to you , so you can watch time and time again.

I am Natural Clairvoyant , which enables me to see , hear , feel what’s around you.

The Emphasis with all these skills is I can connect in different ways .

It helps me to guide you to where you are going in life’s situations.


Now therefore Peter Dykes Clairvoyant with his gifts now has the ability to predict timings on certain events around you.

So for e.g. I will draw to a no 6 and this will be a guide to timing

( hours , days , weeks , months)​



All are readings are for entertainment purpose only.

When will I have a baby