Video Recorded Tarot Readings

Video recorded tarot readings


Video Recorded Tarot Reading


These tarot readings are ideal if you want to look back and reflect on the reading.

Basically you are not in the reading , but I am focusing on your life , situation.


So these readings are recorded and then sent to you once completed and you can watch time and time again at your leisure.

Now with these video recorded tarot readings they are uploaded to the internet

I give you a private link for you to watch them.

They are 100% private , without the link you will not be able to find the video or watch it.

These readings start from simple question readings from £4.50 to full readings £47.00


Please give me aprox 2 to 3 days to complete the reading. 

You can book a 

Love tarot reading

Career tarot reading

Pregnancy tarot reading

Business tarot reading

General tarot reading


Priority Video Recorded Readings

Question Video Recorded Readings